Senin, 22 November 2010

30 Pilgrims Died Surabaya

Daron Richardson - To this day, as many as 30 pilgrims died Surabaya Juanda embarkation when performing the Hajj in the holy land. To Tempo, PR Pilgrimage Organizing Committee (PPIH) Embarkation Surabaya, Sugiarto, Monday (22/11) said the total se-Indonesian pilgrims who died so far recorded reached 189 people.

"We are the second largest after the embarkation of Bekasi who reached 35 people died," said Sugiarto. The pilgrims who died mostly due to respiratory system disorders and fatigue.

Meanwhile, today on Monday, two groups of flying from Surabaya embarkation has arrived in the country, which arrived today is kolter I, which contains the pilgrims from Madiun, Mojokerto and Surabaya, and kloter II of the East.

Kloter I arrive at Juanda airport using the Garuda plane at 12:03 while kloter II arrived at the Juan at 13:05 pm using Saudi Arabian Airlines plane. "Both these kloter behind schedule," said Sugiarto.

Kloter I should have already arrived at the Juan at 5:45 pm and kloter II should arrive in at 10:40. Delays due overloadnya aircraft departure process from King Abdul Aziz airport.
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Selasa, 16 November 2010

Ford Car Cartoon

Naruto Manga 516 - Remember the little car that Ford filmed designs such as cartoons? Yes, Ford Start now ready for production in 2014.

Naruto Manga - Ford small car, according to Auto Express will have a compact body style city car with an affordable price with only 8000 Pounds or USD 113.35 million only.

The car itself is taking the basis of the concept car Ford has Start
Ford disclosed in the event the Beijing Auto Show that opened in late March this year. At that time, detikOto was photographed in one of the event, which had just become the center of world attention.

This is a breakthrough American manufacturer that has been synonymous with car bongsor. And Ford Start is also the smallest Ecoboost engined cars owned by Ford.

So, American manufacturers have been doing two things at once when Ford launched the Start, which designs and engines, both are radical enough to be presented on the market.

The design is all-rounded, with details on a futuristic lights and grill is an evolution of Ford's kinetic concept, created by a team of global designers at Ford's Irvine, California Strategic Concepts Group Studios.

Ford Start is able to accommodate four passengers, was built with pre-colored materials are lightweight composites, while the body using a combination of high strength aluminum and steel.

The engine is only 1.0 liter 3 cylinder. Although small, but with Advance Turbocharging and direct injection spark-ignited fuel management system, synchronized with the bold energy capacity of 1.4-liter engine.

Ford likely will put Ford Start as a global product, which for starters will be marketed in developing countries like China and India.
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Minggu, 14 November 2010

Shireen Sungkar Make Teuku Vishnu The One

Ver Bella Calamidades Online - Often along with Shireen Sungkar, Teuku Vishnu nervous and embarrassed when talking about the relationship.

Ver Bella Calamidades - Since breaking relations with Adly Fairuz, Shiren Sungkar more closely with Teuku Vishnu who became opponents in sinetron Cinta Fitri mainya. Vishnu the bloody Aceh was nervous and embarrassed when the question about Shireen like to do with dating.

"She asked if there was one (Shireen) just so she said good. I'm afraid the wrong way if the answer alone," said Vishnu while on the road Teuku Wildlife 45, Jakarta, Saturday (13/11) night.

SCTV Award-winning 2010 was not denied himself was the center close to Shireen. According to him, this happened because of their proximity they often met on the shooting.

But when reporters asked him about the news that mentions that they've been together since a few months ago, Vishal continued to dodge. Again and again he was afraid one issue reasoned comment. "I'm afraid the wrong way because sometimes the rich yesterday there are some fans who say," Vishnu, do not be so rich preman dong, is not it that so I did not enjoy, "he said.
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